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oneccps.org Supported Browsers

Operating System Browser Versions Status Download
Internet Explorer 9+
Windows, Mac OS X
Mozilla Firefox
Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android
Google Chrome
Windows, Mac OS X and iOS
Apple Safari

Internet Explorer Users: To view mychesterfieldschools.com properly you must have “browser compatibility view” turned OFF. To view instructions on how to do this visit windows.microsoft.com.

The website of Chesterfield County Public Schools works best in the browsers listed above. Please use one of these web browsers so that you take full advantage of the information available through oneccps.org.

Even if your preferred browser is not listed, it is still likely to work as long as it adheres to these standards:

  • HTML 4.01
  • XHTML 1.0
  • CSS-3

The school system determines which browsers to support by evaluating any browser used by more than 5 percent of visitors to oneccps.org during a school year and by considering monthly statistics and trends published by W3Schools.com.

Thank you for your interest in Chesterfield County Public Schools. If you have questions, please call 804-748-1405 or email ccpsinfo@ccpsnet.net.

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