Congratulations Pat Kretzer

Teacher of the Year 2023

Pat Kretzer is truly one of a kind. She is a consummate professional, selfless team player and champion of all students. After more than two decades in K-12 education, Pat still approaches each day with the youthful exuberance and incessant optimism often found in new educators, while demonstrating a loyalty and dedication to her craft and school community that serves as model for current and future educators. Her students love her, and her colleagues cherish her. Each year, dozens of students graduate from Clover Hill High School, thanks in no small part to Pat.

Portrait of teacher

Congratulations Saleena Washington

Teacher of the Year 2022-23

Saleena Washington’s quiet confidence and calm disposition are two admirable traits that enable her to support some of our highest needs students in mathematics. She works tirelessly to establish classroom norms that foster high expectations, growth mindsets and a healthy classroom culture. Saleena sacrifices planning time to support schoolwide tutoring and remediation, and her efforts manifest positive results for students. Clover Hill High School is proud to recognize Saleena Washington as our Teacher of the Year.

Selfie of teacher
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