How To Order Your 2023-2024 Yearbook


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Ordering a Yearbook

Step 1: Go to yearbookordercenter.com to order online
Step 2: Enter our school code – 13638

*2024 Yearbooks will be available for purchase online beginning August 1, 2023

Senior Portrait Information 

Senior Portraits due December 1st, 2023

*All portraits taken by Prestige Portraits will be sent directly to the school in the correct format.

If a senior takes portraits with an outside photographer, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Solid color neutral background (blue, gray, etc.) Blue is preferred. Please do not use black.
  • Portraits must be formatted as a .jpeg or .jpg file
  • 300dpi resolution
  • Portraits must be in clear, sharp focus, not soft focus
  • Traditional attire is a white shirt, black bow tie, and a black tuxedo jacket OR a solid black drape.  Solid black attire is also acceptable.
  • Seniors must be facing the camera directly
  • No props in the formal photo

Portrait submission:

  1. Go to www.hjeshare.com (or download the eShare app!)
  2. Use school access code: chhs_ybk
  3. Choose “portrait” for type of uploaded photo
  4. Complete the required information 
  5. Submit portrait 

Portraits must be submitted by DECEMBER 1, 2023.  

Ordering a Senior Spotlight 

Step 1: Go to yearbookordercenter.com
Step 2: Enter our school code – 13638
Step 3: click the ‘start your ad’ button, make your selection, and start your ad.

Senior Spotlights are due January 31, 2024

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