Students to learn from home March 5

During its Oct. 10 meeting, the Chesterfield County School Board accommodated a request from the Chesterfield County registrar related to the 2024 presidential primary because many schools serve as voting sites:

  • Students will stay home March 5, which is the date of Virginia’s presidential primary.
  • Teachers will provide learning materials and set expectations for students to complete work away from school.
  • The 2023-24 traditional calendar and year-round calendar have been updated to reflect March 5 as an asynchronous learning day. However, the number of instructional days is unchanged because the school system will ensure that schools meet length-of-school-day and attendance requirements. This may require shifting bell schedules at some schools.
  • School buildings will be open March 5, and 12-month employees will report to work. All other employees will work off-site. Supervisors will provide direction to hourly workers regarding off-site work expectations.

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