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Our mission is to empower all students to become productive and contributing members of society. In partnership with families, staff, and the community. We, as school counselors, provide a developmental program that addresses students’ academic, personal/social and career development.

If you need assistance, please contact your child’s school counselor at 804-639-8341 between 8:15 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

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School Counseling Phone Number: 804-639-8341
Fax Number: 804-639-8359

Connect With Our Counselors

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School Counseling Programs:

Counseling programs, activities, and services are offered to support students in achieving academic success. Counselors assist teachers and school administrators in the identification of students’ academic needs and help determine appropriate strategies to maximize learning.

Written notification, at least annually, will be sent to parents about the academic, career, and personal/social school counseling programs which are available to their children. The notification shall include the purpose and general description of the programs, information regarding ways parents may review materials to be used in school counseling programs at their child’s school, and information about the procedure by which parents may limit their child’s participation in such programs.

School counselors are prohibited from using counseling techniques which are beyond the scope of the professional certification or training of counselors, including hypnosis or other psychotherapeutic techniques that are normally employed in medical or clinical settings and focus on mental illness or psycho-pathology.

Records of an ongoing, structured, personal/social counseling with a student shall be kept confidential and separate from a student’s educational records and not disclosed to third-parties without prior parental consent or as otherwise provided by law. Parents may request to review this confidential record by contacting the school counselor. The counselor will make the records available within five (5) working days.

Parents may elect in writing to have their child not participate (opt out) in classroom counseling lessons.

Beyond the general services offered as described above, the Cosby School Counseling Department offers a number of other services and programs, e.g. College Night, financial aid workshops, orientations, and student scheduling. The department also coordinates all mandated testing, sends transcripts, and coordinates award assemblies with the administration.

School Counseling Services:

The purpose of school counseling is to build skills for academic, career and personal/social development. School counseling in Chesterfield County Public Schools is a planned, sequential program of services that is comprehensive in scope and developmental in nature.

Academic counseling helps students and parents learn about curriculum choices, plan an appropriate program of studies, arrange and interpret academic testing and seek postsecondary academic opportunities.

Career counseling helps students acquire information and plan for work, jobs, apprenticeships and postsecondary education and career opportunities.

Personal or social counseling helps students develop an understanding of themselves and the rights and needs of others, resolve conflict and define individual goals that reflect their interests, abilities and aptitudes. Such counseling may be provided in groups in which generic issues of social development are addressed or through structured individual or small group counseling sessions that focus on specific student concerns (for example, divorce, anxiety or aggressive behavior).


Athletic Form

This form is used during the enrollment process by the Director of Student Activities for sports eligibility purposes.

Birth Affidavit

This form is used during the enrollment process to verify a student’s relationship with a parent.

Counselor Assistance No Transcript

This form is used when a student needs academic documentation and/or a recommendation in the absence of a transcript.

Enrollment Pledge

This form is used during the enrollment process to indicate if a student has been expelled from a previous school.

NCAA Student Athlete Information

This form is used when a student needs academic documentation and/or a recommendation in the absence of a transcript.

Screening Form

This form is used during the enrollment process to notify parents of potential health screenings that may be required.

Special Education Form

This form is used during the enrollment process to indicate if a student receives exceptional education services

Student ID Card

This form is used during the enrollment process.

Registration Form

Complete these document to register your student. All forms Must be completed in full.

  • Students already within CCPS
  • Students outside of CCPS

Registration Requirements

PLEASE READ – REGISTRATION PROCESS REQUIREMENTS!! This document provides an overview of the enrollment process and requirements.

Previous School Request Form

This form is used during the enrollment process allowing our school to request information from a student’s previous school.

Name Change Request Form

Solicitud de cambio de nombre

District Counseling Website

2018-2019 CCPS Course Descriptions

This booklet contains course descriptions for every middle and high school course found within CCPS. Not every course in this booklet is offered at Cosby High School.
Freshman Scheduling Presentation (Class of 2022) (1).pptx

Presentation given to our graduating class of 2022 for scheduling/course selection for school year 2019-2020.
Rising 9th graders for School Year 19-20; Graduating Class of 2023

The scheduling presentation for our in coming 9th grade students for School Year 2019-2020 / Graduating Class of 2023.
Rising Senior Scheduling Presentation for School Year 2019-2020; Graduating Class of 2020

Presentation given to rising senior class for school year 2019-2020. For our graduating class of 2020
Sophomore Scheduling (Class of 2021) for School Year 2018-2019.ppt

Presentation given to our graduating class of 2021 for scheduling courses for school year 2019-2020.

Brightpoint Community College Dual Enrollment
Learn more about Brightpoint Dual Enrollment. Speak with your school counselor if you are interested in taking a dual enrollment course. You may need to take a placement test in addition to completing enrollment and parental permission forms.

CCPS Online Courses
Please visit our online website for information about online learning. https://mychesterfieldschools.com/ccpsonline/

Please review the list of resources below to guide you through your high school years, and prepare for life beyond Cosby.

School Counselors create a Canvas page for each graduating class.  If your student has not joined their graduating classes’ Canvas page, please have him/her see their school counselor for the join code.  There is a plethora of information on the Canvas page specific for that graduating class.

College Resources

Big Future
The College Board (SAT, AP, PSAT) has produced an interactive website to assist students in their college search process. Check it out.

College Scorecard
The US Department of Education created this website to allow students and parents access to affordability information for colleges and universities.

College Visit Questions.pdf
Download Use this list of questions when you begin your college search and when you start visiting colleges.

GRASP 2 minute informational video
Watch this GRASP 2 minute informational video and see how our GRASP representative, Sandi Morgan, can help EVERY student.

I Am The One
This website has wealth of college information specific to Virginia and the college search process in general.

State Council of Higher Education
View Visit the SCHEV website to learn more about post secondary options in Virginia. Their website contains links to all Virginia colleges and universities, degrees offered, financial aid programs, the academic common market, and many more resources.

To request a transcript, you must use Parchment.com

If you have not set-up your account yet, you first need to:

If you have ALREADY activated your Parchment account and would like to request that your SAT/ACT scores NOT be shown on your transcript, please complete the Google Form

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