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Congratulations Jeffrey Lewis

Teacher of the Year

CTC @ Hull

Jeffrey Lewis is all about business in his EMT program. When his students arrive, they are prepped and ready for the day. Bell ringers are on the board as well as skills assessments they complete on a daily basis. He walks the class and greets each student individually, getting a quick pulse of the class to make sure everyone is ready to learn. As an EMT instructor, being a responsible first responder is the daily message, but he always manages to add the occasional banter in the classroom that has students laughing and smiling. Mr. Lewis is a consummate professional and always goes above and beyond to support his students.

CTC Hull Jeffrey Lewis
Selfie of teacher

Congratulations Donna Charles-Koski

Teacher of the Year

CTC @ Courthouse

Donna Charles-Koski creates a classroom environment where students love the content of her Teachers for Tomorrow program and thrive academically. She holds high expectations for her students and is laser-focused on her students’ achievements and success. I proudly share she has assisted students in earning scholarships for education programs and was selected to be a member of the Great New Beginnings and Continuing the Journey program designed to introduce new career and technical education teachers to all elements of a high quality CTE instruction. Donna continues to be a champion for her Teachers for Tomorrow students who thrive to become teachers in Chesterfield County.

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