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Fifth Grade

This is such an exciting year for students as they are enjoying their last year in elementary school and preparing for that journey into middle school.

In fifth grade, teachers challenge students with long-term projects that require planning and organization. Parents, guardians and teachers can play a critical role in listening, reassuring and supporting the new individuals that are starting to emerge.

  • Language Arts

    Students will continue to explore fiction, nonfiction, and poetry in 5th grade. They will demonstrate comprehension in all areas of literacy. Fifth graders will write in a variety of forms to include narrative, descriptive, opinion, and expository.

  • Math

    Fifth grade math places emphasis on number sense with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. This focus includes concepts of prime and composite numbers, identifying even and odd numbers, and solving problems using order of operations for positive whole numbers. Students will develop a working knowledge of fractions and decimals and use that knowledge to solve practical problems. Students will expand on their knowledge of probability and solve problems, using a sample space, a tree diagram, or the Fundamental Counting Principle. Students will be introduced to expressions within a variable. Students will solve problems using strategies including place value and the properties of addition and multiplication.

  • Science

    In fifth-grade science we focus on student growth in understanding the nature of science. We focus on building on all of the fourth grade content and expanding on it and providing students with new content in Oceans, Plant and Animal Cells, Geology and the Rock Cycle.

  • Social Studies

    In fifth grade social studies, we focus on the geography of our world. We talk about how to use maps, globes and a compass rose. Then we move into the five themes of geography. Next, we will take time to talk about each of the seven continents in depth.

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