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Physical Education

Our Philosophy

  • We believe that physical education is an integral part of a child’s total education.
  • We believe that we can provide a learning environment where students are guided to take responsibility for their learning.
  • We believe that learning experiences should be planned which are appropriate to the developmental needs of each child.
  • We believe that students should demonstrate competencies in basic fundamental motor skills.
  • We believe that sequential, skill-based instruction provides a foundation enabling one to engage in physical activity for a lifetime.
  • Fitness Testing

    Fitness Testing is a state mandated assessment that allows schools to gauge the improvement of physical fitness in students. The assessments consist of upper-body strength and endurance (90 degree push-ups), abdominal strength and endurance (curl-up cadence), flexibility (shoulder stretch), aerobic capacity (PACER), trunk strength (trunk lift). The administration and PTO community have decided that the skin fold test and BMI measurements will no longer be performed. The fitness test are administered twice a year, once in the fall, and a second time in the spring. The fall testing creates a baseline of data that allows a comparison to the spring testing. These tests are not graded. Any scores achieved remain confidential and will not appear on the students’ school record or PE grade. The goal of the testing is to show improvement through the school year. It helps the state decide priorities within physical education, and for administration to assess the performance of their teachers.

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