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Third Grade

In third grade, children start putting the learning pieces together to take on more complicated assignments. This is the first year they begin to do some work independently rather than with the explicit directions given in earlier grade levels. Third grade is an exciting year because before third-grade, students learn to read – but beginning in third-grade, students read to learn!

  • Language Arts

    The main focus in language arts is reading. The students will continue to develop phonics, decoding strategies, sight words, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension skills as they mature into proficient readers. The students will work at their developmental reading levels as they strengthen their individual skills. They will begin to communicate through their writing by generating their own ideas, starting each sentence with a capital letter, using descriptive words, and spelling sight words correctly.

  • Math

    The main focus in math is number sense. The students will learn a variety of strategies to improve this fundamental skill. They will take part in many hands-on activities to practice number sense at their developmental levels. The students will use their number sense to count and sort objects, complete simple addition and subtraction, recognize patterns, tell time to the hour and half hour, count coins, understand simple fractions, and practice simple measurement.

  • Science

    In science the students will become scientific investigators as we study matter, Earth and sun relationships, seasonal changes, natural resources, force, energy and motion, and basic needs of plants and animals.

  • Social Studies

    In social studies the students will learn about citizenship, American and Virginia symbols, Virginia leaders, Virginia climate and seasons, landforms in Virginia, map skills, and simple economics.

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