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Visual Arts

First grade is a magical year! The academic and social growth we see in our first graders each year is amazing. As our world has changed, so have our classrooms. Our first grade program uses digital tools, but we still focus on developing a love of learning.

  • Kindergarten Visual Arts

    Kindergarten visual arts serves as a building block for further visual arts instruction. The curriculum places an emphasis on cognitive, affective, sensory and motor development using a problem-solving approach. Students learn that art is a personal expression, has value, teaches about other times and places, and connects to other areas of learning. Students grow to understand that their works of art are unique and valuable.

  • First-Grade Visual Arts

    The first-grade visual arts curriculum serves as a continuation of visual arts instruction. The standards continue to emphasize that the visual arts are about ideas. Development continues in cognitive, sensory, affective, and motor domains. Standards will continue to emphasize the language of art. Art production will focus on increased communication, self-expression, and the depiction of stories and events. Students will learn that people have different responses to the visual arts.

  • Second-Grade Visual Arts

    In science the students will become scientific investigators as we study matter, Earth and sun relationships, seasonal changes, natural resources, force, energy and motion, and basic needs of plants and animals.

  • Third-Grade Visual Arts

    Third-grade visual arts emphasize learning through inquiry. Students will examine aspects of the artistic process: idea generation, problem solving and self-assessment. Students will investigate the integral role of art and architecture within ancient cultures; and they will combine knowledge of ancient art and architecture, effective artistic processes and skills and a variety of ideas to produce works of art.

  • Fourth-Grade Visual Arts

    Fourth-grade visual arts continue to emphasize the elements of art and the principles of design as the basic building blocks for art appreciation and production. Students will explore a range of materials and subject matter. Art historical emphasis is on the artists, events and environment in Virginia from colonial times to the present. Students will examine the influence of the past on contemporary culture.

  • Fifth-Grade Visual Arts

    In fifth-grade visual arts, students use their knowledge and skills to synthesize information, thus allowing them to produce and respond to works of art. Emphasis is on communication of personal values and beliefs in art appreciation and production. Study relates to art produced by cultures from Pre-Columbian times to 1877. Students will gain fluency in using and understanding the elements of art and the principles of design as they relate to artistic expression and communication.

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