Absences & Dismissals

Early Dismissals

A student who wishes to leave school before his/her regular dismissal time must bring a note signed by a parent to the attendance office between 8:10 and 8:20 a.m. on the day he/she wishes to be dismissed early. The student’s dismissal permit will then be delivered to the student in class prior to his/her requested dismissal time.

At dismissal, students meet their parents in the clinic/attendance office, where parents must come to sign their child out of school. Parents who call to request that a child drive him/herself home or to an appointment must follow the phone call with a fax (School fax: 379-2695), as phone dismissals are not permitted.

Parents are reminded that unless such prior arrangements have been made, due to the lunch schedule, we will not be able to dismiss/locate students during the lunch hour (11:26 a.m.-1:30 p.m.).


If a student is absent from school, he/she should return to school the day following the absence(s) with a note signed by a parent and should present the note to his/her first period teacher. The note should include the date, the student’s name, the student’s ID number, the date(s) of the absence(s), and the specific reason for the absence(s).

Parents do not need to call the school to notify us that a student will be absent. (Extended absences should be communicated to the student’s school counselor.)

Parents will automatically receive a phone call on the evening of the child’s absence with notification that the student had an unexcused absence.

Upon the student’s return to school, a determination will be made as to whether the absence is excused/unexcused based on the reason for the absence(s). More information on attendance policies can be found in the student planner.

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