Do you know the rules of the road? Driving is not a constitutional right. You get your drivers license based on the skills you have and the rules you agree to follow.


Students will need to print and complete the following forms prior to meeting with Ms. Fiege

*Printed copies can be found outside classroom 400 on the bulletin board.

Please read through all of this information before signing up.

The calendars are for students who have already met with Ms. Fiege and have been assigned driving dates. You may not drive until you’ve been assigned a date by Ms. Fiege.

Welcome to Driver Education

Driver Education

Our driver education program focuses on safe driving attitudes, skill development and appropriate responses to hazards. We follow the Virginia Driver Education Standards of Learning.

Behind-the-wheel is regulated by the Virginia Department of Education and follows high quality standards and principles. Instructors at Midlothian High School proudly uphold the VDOE policies and guidelines set forth to ensure quality education behind- the wheel of a car.

The licensing process in the state of Virginia can be a tedious one. Students must first successfully complete a 36 hour driver education course. At Midlothian High School, students complete this class during their 10th grade year (1st semester) as a part of the Health and Physical Education class. When students are at least 15 and a half years old, families can take their teen to the DMV to take the necessary tests to obtain a learner’s permit. The student must hold the learner’s permit for a total of 9 months. Students should be recording their driving hours in the 45 hour log that the DMV provides or they can get the log from a Driver’s Ed teacher at the school.

The final step of the licensing process is behind-the-wheel. It is separate from the driver education course and is taken after school with a certified instructor. Behind-the-wheel is 7 days long and is on week days AND Saturdays. Services are provided all year round, and instructors teach during the summer months as well. Summer sessions are typically in the mornings. Please use this site to sign up for an appointment in order to start behind-the-wheel. Students are encouraged to seek an appointment about 2 months before their 9 month learner’s permit requirement is complete. Check out the calendar for open sessions and availability.

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