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Congratulations Kate Doctor

2023 Chesterfield County
Teacher of the Year

Kate Doctor provides the best in both academic and real-world approaches to education in the high school setting. As a faculty member of the Health Professions and Therapies Specialty Center, she makes sure that each student understands the science behind what they are doing and the practical application. She is engaging, sets the bar high and helps each student to reach the expectation.

Headshot of Kate Doctor

Congratulations Beth Lucas

2022-2023 Teacher of the Year

Beth Lucas is a tireless champion for her students, her department and our school. We appreciate her creativity, her ability to engage and motivate students to reach well above where they might have thought they could achieve, and her smile is more than a little infectious. We see students who will frequently come back to both thank her and get advice on their next steps in life — quite the compliment. Oh, and good luck keeping up with her: She is a constant blur of motion!

Portrait of teacher
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