Chesterfield County Public Schools

Annual Reporting

In accordance with § 22.1-253.13:2. Standard 2. Instructional, administrative, and support personnel—“M. School boards shall, however, annually, on or before December 31, report to the public (i) the actual pupil/teacher ratios in elementary school classrooms in the local school division by school for the current school year; and (ii) the actual pupil/teacher ratios in middle school and high school in the local school division by school for the current school year. Actual pupil/teacher ratios shall include only the teachers who teach the grade and class on a full-time basis and shall exclude resource personnel. School boards shall report pupil/teacher ratios that include resource teachers in the same annual report. Any classes funded through the voluntary kindergarten through third grade class size reduction program shall be identified as such classes. Any classes having waivers to exceed the requirements of this subsection shall also be identified. Schools shall be identified; however, the data shall be compiled in a manner to ensure the confidentiality of all teacher and pupil identities.”

This Information Is being posted In compliance with Sections 22.1-90 and 22.1-92 of the State Code of Virginia, This information Is also available in hard copy in the Chesterfield County Public Schools’ Office of Management and Budget. The data reported for the annual report of expenditures is based on the Virginia Department of Education classifications used in the State’s Annual School Report. These classifications may or may not be consistent with those used by Chesterfield County Public Schools In budgeting and financial documents. In addition, the state report data does not include audit adjustments, if any.

Annual Reporting Budget Files

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