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Our Mission

The mission of the Chesterfield County Public Schools school counseling program is to provide high quality academic support and career efforts of students, staff, parents and community. If you have concerns or questions about your child, please contact your child’s counselor at (804) 674-1355 between 7:15 a.m. and 2:05 p.m.


Attention Athletes:

COVID-19 Response FAQ
Given the unprecedented events during Spring/Summer 2020 due to COVID-19, the NCAA Eligibility Center has partnered with the NCAA membership to identify adjustments to the initial-eligibility certification process.

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These changes may not capture all unique scenarios; however, NCAA Customer Service is available to assist with questions Monday-Friday 9 a.m.to 5 p.m. Eastern time at 877-622-2321 (Domestic students and Canadian students outside of Quebec) and for international students including Quebec at on.ncaa.com/IntlContact.

Our Philosophy

The school counselors serving Providence Middle School believe:

  • School counselors design and manage comprehensive developmental programs to help students on several levels, including academic, career and person/social issues.
  • School counselors are advocates for all students.
  • School counselors use developmental programs to meet the needs of all students.
  • School counselors conduct individual and group counseling sessions and provide information through group guidance.
  • School counselors are specifically credentialed professionals who work with students, parents and others in the community to assist in student development.
  • School counselors respect and value all students.

Individual Counseling:

Individual Counseling is a one-to-one meeting with the counselor to discuss a problem or topic of interest that may be affecting their academic success. Friendship issues, stress and anxiety, conflict resolution, grief and anger management are frequent issues facing children.

Referrals for students to meet with a school counselor can be made by classrooms teachers, principals, parents or through student self-referrals. Self-referral forms are available for all students and can be obtained from any teacher. Parents are welcome to call or email the counselors at any time to request an individual counseling session for their child. While students may see us at any time for brief discussions, parental permission must be granted in order for a counselor to work with a student for a series of multiple, planned sessions.

While we provide many services for students and their families, we are unable to testify in child custody matters. We are also unable to provide intensive, long-term counseling services to students.

Group Counseling:

Small group counseling (typically 6-10 participants) needs based and usually meets once a week, for four to six weeks, during a time that is least disruptive to the student’s learning environment. Small groups provide members the opportunity to share ideas and learn from each other and a counselor. Group topics are chosen based upon school needs and can change from year to year. Participation, which is voluntary and confidential, requires permission from a parent or guardian. Referrals for groups are made by parents and teachers. Common topics include grief and loss, self-esteem, anger, self-control or separation/divorce.

Call your school counseling office if you have any questions about group counseling at (804) 674-1355.

*Note: If a group is not formed because lack of need, you may contact your student’s counselor about working with your student, individually.

Classroom Guidance Lessons:

Classroom Guidance is a developmental program of classes designed to foster students’ academic, career, and personal/social development. Classes are preventative in nature and empower students with self-knowledge, coping strategies, and life skills that will assist them in becoming problem solvers, collaborative workers, and responsible citizens.

  • Common Classroom Guidance Topics:
  • Decision Making
  • Internet Safety (w/ SRO)
  • Academic/Career Planning
  • Specialty Center Information

School Wide Programs:

At Providence Middle School we have many school wide programs to reinforce the importance of academics and our Pillars of Providence, Respect, Achievement, Mindset and Self-control.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Pillars of Providence
  • Chesterfield Career Week & College Week
  • RAMS Bucks
  • Random Acts of Kindness
  • Providence Pays It Forward

Students in Chesterfield County Public Schools are able to apply to attend a Chesterfield County Specialty Center and Governor’s School in high school.  The application process begins in the fall of the students’ 8th grade year.  Applications are to be completed ONLINE.

Specialty Center Information (Student Assembly)
How to Apply to a Specialty Center

October 26 at 6:30 p.m.: Specialty Center Virtual Fair
Visit the Specialty Center website for the link.

October & November: Virtual Open Houses for each Specialty Center
Visit the Specialty Center website for dates/times.

December 1: Online Applications OPEN
Visit the Specialty Center website for the link to the online application portal.

December 16 at 11:59 p.m.: Online Applications CLOSE
This is a hard deadline. No late applications will be accepted.

March 5 at 3:00 p.m.: Acceptance Offers are Sent
Check the online application portal to view acceptance offers.

March 19 at 3:00 p.m.: Student Responses are Due
Use the online application portal to respond to acceptance offers.

Congratulations to Outstanding Middle School Counselor of the Year: Kelly DePew

Kelly DePew receiving an award

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