For assistance with scheduling and help exploring your options for next year


Information can be found on the RMS Counselor Canvas Page.
*Course selection deadline is March 17, 2023.
All the information under Request a Change can be deleted until mid-February since we haven’t started preliminary scheduling yet.
Course Selection Forms & Deadlines
Paper copies will be distributed to current 
Current 8th graders will complete scheduling online January 13 in school.
Current 6th & 7th graders – lessons will be at the end of January & all paper forms are due by February 3 
Current 5th graders – visits will be the first week of February & all paper forms are due to elementary schools by February 10 
No schedule change requests will be made after March 17, 2023.
Rising 6th Graders
Rising 7th Graders
Rising 8th Graders
Rising 9th Graders
Science Pathways
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