Mr. Nicholas Olson


Welcome to Salem Church Middle School (SMS) and 2022-23 school year! Greetings and salutations on behalf of our entire, talented faculty. This year, we will continue building on all of the practices that bring our community such pride, while enhancing aspects of our instructional program in order to elevate us to the next level. At Salem, we have a penchant for seeing our students thrive both academically and socially. Therefore, we are going on a mission! It is our forever goal to ensure that each and every student becomes a compassionate, mindful, and productive citizen.

Portrait of Nicholas Olson

What's Happening In Our School District?


Districtwide News

Girls basketball team on the basketball court in gameplay.
Seahawk mascot in front of a school bus outside.
Two students competing by stacking red cups to create a pyramid.
Student holding up a laptop with a grade of 100% on the screen.
Five students and a teacher holding up a poster with a butterfly.
Student in his gym uniform in the school gym.
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