Mr. Nicholas Olson


This year, our theme is “Setting the Standard,” as we work to better ourselves and our school in order to create a community that meets the needs of each and every student. We will continue to prioritize strong relationships, engaging lessons, and practical application of what we learn in class to help prepare students for whatever their future holds. I look forward to celebrating all that our students will accomplish this year. On behalf of all the faculty and staff, welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!

Portrait of Nicholas Olson

What's Happening In Our School District?


Districtwide News

Girls basketball team on the basketball court in gameplay.
Seahawk mascot in front of a school bus outside.
Two students competing by stacking red cups to create a pyramid.
Student holding up a laptop with a grade of 100% on the screen.
Five students and a teacher holding up a poster with a butterfly.
Student in his gym uniform in the school gym.
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