Surgical success

Teacher poses for a picture with students wearing surgical attire

Evergreen Elementary fourth graders recently performed surgery on nonfiction passages. Gretchen Bassett’s class was presented with 10 patients who needed “text feature transplants” such as a table of contents, caption or headings. Using surgical trays holding scissors, glue and other tools, students added the needed feature to each patient’s chart. Lessons like this make lifelong memories!

More CCPS on the Go

Begin with the end in mind

On their first day of high school, every Chesterfield County ninth grader poses for a cap-and-gown photo. It’s a visual reminder that graduation is the goal.

Changing lives here and across the globe

They may be separated by 7,000 miles, but Ecoff Elementary and Gendetesfa Primary School in Ethiopia are making connections that benefit students in both schools. In partnership with Cornerstone Assembly