Congratulations Justice Thompson

2023 Teacher of the Year

Justice Thompson is a teacher’s teacher, an educator who just gets kids. She intrinsically understands their wants and needs, and she demands their best. She uses grace, tough love and high standards to maximize the potential of every student every day. Her commitment to our school, students and families is unmatched. Chesterfield County Public Schools is a better place to work and learn because of people like Justice Thompson.

Headshot of Justice Thompson

Congratulations Clay Bennett

2022-2023 Teacher of the Year

Clay Bennett is a teacher’s teacher! He advocates for teachers and students alike. His calm but assertive demeanor demands respect with ease and helps him to get the most of everyone around him. When he was chosen as Teacher of the Year, no one believed that he had never been selected. This is an award that he could have won every year of his career. He is a constant coach, and you may see him at any time of day, anywhere in the building providing students with teachable moments about math as well as life. Mr. Bennett is truly a gem who cares about people first and improves lives through education daily.

Selfie of teacher
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