Family Life Education

The Family Life Education curriculum is taught in grades 4-10 by registered nurses. The curriculum is delivered in a sex separate format in grades 4-8. Grade 9 utilizes sex separate and co-ed classes, and grade 10 classes are co-ed.

The curriculum includes the following age-appropriate instruction:

  • Instruction promotes parental involvement, fosters positive self-concepts, and provides coping mechanisms for dealing with peer pressure and the stresses related to the students’ developmental stages and abilities.
  • Human sexuality and human reproduction (growth and development)
  • Abstinence education and the value of postponing sexual activity
  • Child abuse/personal safety
  • Sexual assault prevention to include human trafficking awareness.
  • Dating violence to include healthy and unhealthy relationships, and consent.
  • Family planning and contraception
  • Teen pregnancy prevention and choices for an unintended pregnancy.
  • HIV and sexually transmitted infections


Parents/guardians may opt their student out of family life education lessons. The opt-out procedures are available in English or Spanish.

Middle School Family Life Teaching Schedule
High School Family Life Teaching Schedule

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