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SOL/W!SE Academy

Test prep for SOL and W!se tests

The SOL Academy is for any student who passed a class but did not pass the corresponding SOL end-of-course test. These are students who are planning to get a standard or advanced high school diploma. Once the student completes an academy session, they will be able to take the SOL test at their home school.

The W!se Academy is open to any student who passed the W!se financial literacy certification course, but failed the corresponding W!SE test and needs a CTE credential to graduate. Students participating in the W!se Academy will test on the last day of the course.

Currently, test prep academy sessions are only held virtually. Courses are facilitated by teachers with synchronous and asynchronous instruction. Students can register via the links below (posted when courses are available), and once registered, the student will receive a Canvas course invitation via email. SOL and W!se academies run from 3:40 – 5:40 p.m. on the dates outlined.

Important information

If you have questions about diploma status, contact your school counselor.

Students participating in SOL Academy sessions for reading, writing, social studies or math must contact their school’s testing coordinator about testing. Students participating in the W!se Academy will test on the last day of the course.

Academy sessions are generally held in fall and spring. Registration information is posted when sessions are available.


Academies will be held in person at Clover Hill High School. Students meet Monday-Thursday from 3:40-5:40 p.m.

Reading, Writing and WISE: 

Registration begins Sept. 19

Academy dates:

  • Oct. 24-27, 2022
  • Feb. 13-16, 2023

Science, Social Studies, & Math: 

Registration begins Dec. 1

Academy dates:

  • Jan. 9-12, 2023
  • April 10-14, 2023 (seniors only – Reading, Writing and WISE will also be included)
  • April 17-20, 2023


A shuttle will be offered to students to be taken from their home high school to the Academy at Clover Hill High. Students will then be returned to their home high school when the academy ends. (This is not a door to door service.)


Registration Deadlines:

January 9-12 Academy – Registration Deadline is January 4, 2023
February 13 – 16 Academy – Registration Deadline – February 8, 2023

Jan. 9-12 Session
SOL Math
SOL Science
SOL Social Studies

Feb. 13-16 Session


Student resources

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