Free tutoring for middle and high school students

CCPS is offering free after-school online tutoring for students in middle and high school via Stride Tutoring. 

Students and families may select a tutor based on their expertise and availability to fit their schedule. Students do not need a teacher referral or recommendation to use this tutoring service and there are no fees for families; tutoring sessions may be scheduled for any subject/topic/concept where additional instruction is needed. All available tutors are certified teachers who develop instruction to help students succeed. 

How it works: With their families, students can visit the Stride Tutoring login page to activate their Stride Tutoring account. 

  • The email/username is the student’s ID number followed by @ccpsnet.net (Ex. 12345@ccpsnet.net). 
  • The password incorporates the student’s birthdate with additional characters. For example, a student with a birthday of Jan. 1, 2008, would use the password “CCPS01012008!” (Note: The exclamation point is part of the password.)
  • Log in, go to My Profile, and click on Manage Guardians. Then click on Add Guardian to add a parent/guardian email address where you can receive notifications about scheduled tutoring sessions. Multiple email addresses may be added, if desired.

Once the account is activated, students may access Stride Tutoring from their RapidIdentity dashboard to log into the platform, select a tutor and set up tutoring sessions. Here is a quick-start guide that explains how students can access Stride Tutoring. Students may share materials from class/representations of their work to help the tutor align the session with the work being done in the classroom.


Stride Tutoring account activation
Family/student quick-start guide
Family/student quick-start guide (Spanish)
Stride Tutoring login page

CCPS Tutors

Below you will find the names of current CCPS elementary, middle, and high school teachers who are willing to provide tutoring opportunities for students in Chesterfield.

To access a list of CCPS tutors for a specific subject area, simply click on the appropriate school level tab at the top of this site. Use the drop-down table filters to search and identify a list of potential tutors who meet your specific needs.

As a precaution, initial contact information is limited to CCPS email. Teachers interested in working with families have the option to share their personal information such as phone numbers, schedules, and payment with parents and guardians.

Additionally, CCPS teachers who would like to be added to the CCPS Tutor Lists should click on the appropriate link(s) below and fill out the information request form. Thank you!

Teacher Sign Up Forms

IMPORTANT – The buttons below are for CCPS teachers to sign up to be on the tutor list.

Elementary School Tutors

Use the drop down table filters to easily search and identify a list of vetted elementary school tutors who meet your specific needs.
The PDF version of the Elementary Tutor List will not update automatically. It will be updated at the beginning of each month. The Awesome Table is the most up to date source for tutors.

Middle School Tutors

Use the drop down table filters to easily search and identify a list of vetted middle school tutors who meet your specific needs.

High School Tutors

Use the drop down table filters to easily search and identify a list of vetted high school tutors who meet your specific needs.