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The Chesterfield County School Board recognizes additional student and staff achievements at their monthly board meetings, and you can read about more accomplishments in CCPS on the Go, the printed newsletter that goes to every household in Chesterfield County.

Meet the 2022-23 Teachers of the Year

Headshot of Vivian Rivera-Maysonet

Vivian Rivera-Maysonet

Chesterfield County Teacher of the Year
Elementary School Teacher of the Year

Rivera-Maysonet is a Spanish resource teacher at Elizabeth Scott Elementary. Her teaching position provides the opportunity to serve the Hispanic population in a special way while promoting the embracement of diversity among students. “Students are more curious than ever about learning from other cultures and sharing what makes every human being special and unique, their individuality,” she wrote.

Angela Bucek

Middle School Teacher of the Year

Bucek is a collaborative special education teacher for sixth-grade math at Providence Middle. She is committed to meeting students’ social and emotional needs as well as academic needs: “It is essential to build relationships necessary for students to be open to receive instruction and social-emotional support. These positive connections also foster the safe, nurturing environment required for students to develop key life skills they may not have the opportunity to develop elsewhere,” she wrote.

Gina Hackett

High School Teacher of the Year

Hackett teaches ninth-, 10th- and 11th-grade English at Bird High. An innovative teacher, Hackett believes in the power of change and public education. She wrote: “Change is where I shine brightest. Is it hard? Yes! Important? Yes! Feared? Also, yes! I think public education has a resistance to change because so many people have been through the system and feel it worked well. However, I see public education as an opportunity to embrace change — to grow as a nation — to adapt, adjust, and flourish. If we remain stagnant, we cannot meet the world where it is.”

Teachers of the Year

Elementary Schools

  • Bellwood: Mary Grace Agner
  • Bensley: Ila Cartwright
  • Beulah: Jeffery Johnson
  • Bon Air: Sonya Smith
  • Chalkley: Melissa Leigh
  • Chester Early Childhood Learning Academy: Amy Tirrell
  • Marguerite Christian: Latousha Price
  • Clover Hill: Christina Lorenz
  • Crenshaw: Brooke Thompson
  • Crestwood: Matt Coyle
  • Curtis: Sandra Koch
  • Davis: Colette Belden
  • Ecoff: Devon White
  • Enon: Rebeka Lorden
  • Ettrick: Terrell Walker
  • Evergreen: Emily Visotski
  • Falling Creek: Courtney Henry
  • Gates: Dawn Janiszewski
  • Gordon: Jenna Burks
  • Grange Hall: Courtney Hevener
  • Greenfield: Heather Rumbaugh
  • Harrowgate: Rachel Bowman
  • Hening: Becca Lee
  • Hopkins: Lauren Stonerock
  • Jacobs Road: Stacye Meeley
  • Matoaca: Brittany Dixon
  • Old Hundred: Joy Duncan
  • Providence: Lisa Rakes
  • Reams Road: Sarah Bonds
  • Robious: Meagan Ortiz
  • Salem Church: Maria Sanchez
  • Elizabeth Scott: Vivian Rivera-Maysonet
  • Alberta Smith: Anne Croxton
  • Spring Run: Elizabeth Hoover
  • Swift Creek: Melissa Bilik
  • Watkins: Morgan McDaniel
  • Bettie Weaver: Shelley Smith
  • Wells: Tracey McDorman
  • Winterpock: Dene Houchens
  • Woolridge: Elizabeth Moore

Middle Schools

  • Bailey Bridge: Ayanna Richardson
  • Carver: Eric Seiler
  • Elizabeth Davis: Erin Laliberte
  • Falling Creek: Amanda Paulette
  • Manchester: Tiffany Anglin
  • Matoaca: Samantha Layne
  • Midlothian: Kristina Armstead
  • Providence: Angela Bucek
  • Robious: Ethan Craft
  • Salem Church: Leslie Schwartz
  • Swift Creek: Kara Kasarda
  • Tomahawk Creek: Lisa Emery

High Schools

  • Bird: Gina Hackett
  • Career and Technical Center @ Courthouse: Donna Charles-Koski
  • Career and Technical Center @ Hull: Jeffrey Lewis
  • Carver College and Career Academy: Gregory Owens
  • Clover Hill: Selena Washington
  • Cosby: Kathryn Smith
  • Thomas Dale: Clay Bennett
  • James River: Kieley Thomas
  • Manchester: Robyn Kim
  • Matoaca: Jocelyn Powell
  • Meadowbrook: Belinda Henriques
  • Midlothian: Heather Murfee
  • Monacan: Beth Lucas

Virtual schools

  • CCPSOnline: Brad Pearson
  • Chesterfield Virtual School: Shawn Sthreshley

Game Changers

Game Changers are those who step up to meet the needs of our students; offer support and access to resources that assist their colleagues; provide an extra layer of support for families outside of the classroom; and who generally make a positive and sometimes life-changing difference in the lives of our students, families and their colleagues.

Each month, Superintendent Merv Daugherty chooses four staff members from each magisterial district to be recognized for outstanding service. One central office member will be recognized monthly as well. Anyone can nominate employees for the Game Changer award.

Below are our most recent Game Changers:

January 2023 Game Changer Awards

Dale District’s Game Changer Awards

  • Julia Funovits, Beulah ES, Elementary Teacher
  • Amirah Bohler, *Second time Game Changer, Meadowbrook HS, School Counselor
  • Sarah Thomson, Salem Church MS, Counseling Coordinator
  • Lindsey Faulkner, Falling Creek MS, Library Assistant
  • War Be, Hopkins ES, 5th grade
  • Elias Portillo Carcamo, Hopkins ES, 4th grade

Matoaca District’s Game Changer Awards

  • Suchita Soni, Moseley ES, 2nd
  • Barbara Plunkett, Grange Hall ES, Library Assistant
  • Steven Kaminski, Spring Run ES, Elementary Teacher
  • Brystol Duffy, Spring Run ES, 1st grade
  • Michael Jensen, Bailey Bridge MS, Secondary Teacher
  • Dorcas Sweeney, Manchester HS, Spanish Teacher

Midlothian District’s Game Changer Awards

  • Dylan Pearman-Hurt, Crestwood ES, Elementary Teacher
  • Meloney Toms, Providence MS, Secondary Teacher
  • Nicolas Leonard, Greenfield ES, Elementary Teacher
  • Cooper Carroll, Greenfield ES, 5th grade
  • Erinn Dinsmore, Midlothian HS, Secondary Teacher
  • Benjamin Gozzi, Midlothian HS, 12th grade

Bermuda District’s Game Changer Awards

  • Rachel Miller, Margeruite Christian ES, Elementary Teacher
  • Alexander Carlos Ayala, Margeruite Christian ES, 5th grade
  • Sherry Martz, Elizabeth Davis MS, Spanish Teacher
  • Cereta Setzer, Enon ES, Office Manager Sr.
  • Christi Brubaker, Enon ES, Elementary Teacher
  • Alison Beatty, Curtis ES, Assistant Principal
  • Shamiyah Shaw, Curtis ES, 5th grade
  • Lauren Spain, Thomas Dale HS, Secondary Teacher

Clover Hill District’s Game Changer Awards

  • Luke Glanzman, CTC@Hull, Secondary Teacher
  • Lindsey Kojsza, Clover Hill ES, Elementary Teacher
  • Violet Borowski, Swift Creek ES, 2nd grade
  • Matthew Maher, Evergreen ES, Principal
  • Courtney Parker, Reams Road ES, School Nurse

Central Office

  • Heather Crowder, CTC@Hull, Special Education Specialist – Technology
  • Nikki Chaney, Chesterfield Virtual School, Special Education Teacher – Virtual

Chesterfield County Public Schools Hall of Fame

Chesterfield County Public Schools has benefited from the talents of outstanding teachers, educational and operational support staff, leaders and volunteers over the past 150-plus years. The success of our nationally recognized school division can be attributed to their outstanding contributions to support our teachers and students. Their talent and dedication is ever-present in the outcomes we see today.

Below are the exceptional individuals named to the 2022 Hall of Fame class.

Mr. Jamie Accashian

Mr. Jamie Accashian

Throughout his career, Mr. Accashian was an innovative teacher, coach and administrator known for motivating at-risk students and helping them believe in themselves. As an administrator at Meadowbrook High, he helped create the Phoenix program to combat a higher than desired student dropout rate. From there, he became involved with Communities In Schools of Chesterfield and helped establish the Burger King Academy, an alternative program that helped at-risk students graduate. Burger King Academy went on to become Community High, where Mr. Accashian served as principal, continuing to champion the needs associated with alternative education.

Dr. Jane Baskerville

During her 30-plus years in education, Dr. Baskerville served as a world language instructor, a foreign language department chair, an instructional specialist for foreign languages and later the specialist for English as a Second Language (ESL).  After retirement, Dr. Baskerville earned her Ph. D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and went on to become a consultant in the Office of School Improvement at the Virginia Department of Education.

Mrs. Louan Stanfield

Mrs. Louan Stanfield

For more than 20 years, Mrs. Stanfield served Chesterfield County Public Schools as an elementary school teacher. Her compassion, support and high expectations for her students laid the foundations for success in her classroom and beyond. Retiring from Ecoff Elementary School in 1997, she has continued serving and supporting the families in her community in a variety of ways. From teaching an adult class on financial literacy to supporting Little Free Libraries along the Route I corridor, Mrs. Stanfield is a teacher at heart

Ms. Betty Hornick

Prior to her leadership role as an instructional specialist for school counseling, Ms. Hornick served as a school counselor for more than two decades at a number of school sites. Not only did she help prepare thousands of Chesterfield County students for college or careers, but she also helped play a role in creating the school division’s initial crisis response plan, incorporating responsive support for students who might experience trauma. Even though Ms. Hornick is retired, she is still driven to work with suicide prevention efforts in order to support our young people.

Ms. Deloris Jackson

Ms. Deloris Jackson

Not only was Ms. Jackson a brilliant educator and positive role model, but she also influenced her Chesterfield students by building relationships with them that made a lasting impact. Beginning her career teaching under segregated conditions, she took great interest in her students throughout their academic careers and beyond, encouraging them to be both self-reliant and resilient. Now retired, Ms. Jackson is an avid teacher of black history and is a neighborhood and church historian.

Mrs. Dianne Smith

Throughout her 35 years in Chesterfield schools, Mrs. Smith served as a teacher, a principal and central office leader. During this time, she developed, implemented and evaluated comprehensive leadership and career development programs that benefited employees, while also mentoring hundreds of assistant principals, principals, directors and central office leaders. Upon retiring, Mrs. Smith went on to become the Clover Hill District School Board Member for eight years where her top priority was that each child in Chesterfield County schools received a high-quality education.

Mrs. Dianne Smith
Dr. Billy Cannaday

Dr. Billy Cannaday

From 2000-06, Dr. Cannaday served Chesterfield County Public Schools as Superintendent. When he began his leadership journey in Chesterfield, fewer than half of the division’s schools were fully accredited. When he left to become State Superintendent of Public Instruction, all Chesterfield County schools were fully accredited. Under his guidance, he led Chesterfield County Public Schools through a period of large growth as enrollment increased by nearly 6,500 students.

Mr. Greg Cummings

As one of the founders of MEGA Mentors, Mr. Cummings has provided leadership and inspiration to others resulting in thousands of Chesterfield students meeting with success. This volunteer organization is comprised of more than 150 individuals who support 550 students in ten Chesterfield County schools. Mr. Cummings’ leadership remains steady as the organization is working to reach an ambitious goal in serving all Chesterfield County schools. Mr. Cummings also continues to be involved with the Chesterfield Education Foundation.

Mr. Greg Cummings
Mr. Jack Winn

Mr. Jack Winn

With a career spanning three decades, Mr. Winn’s impact went well beyond the classroom. In addition to helping students realize their musical potential by fostering their musical talent, he was also considered a mentor by many of his colleagues. His work at the division level was the lever for lifting up the entire performing arts program in Chesterfield County. Now retired, he continues to work in music education as the founder and Executive Director of Dixie Classic Festivals. Mr. Winn is a respected leader in the national concert performance arena which includes well-known colleagues, composers, conductors and performers from around the country.

Ms. Sue Robertson

A celebrated educator, Ms. Robertson served Chesterfield County Public Schools as a Latin teacher and department chair for more than 35 years retiring from Midlothian High School in 2010. Ms. Robertson was selected Midlothian High School’s Teacher of the Year twice and was named Chesterfield County Public Schools’ Teacher of the Year in 1976. In addition to these recognitions, she was named the Chesterfield County Public Schools’ Foreign Language Teacher of the Year in 1978 and then received the Classical Association of Virginia’s Latin Teacher of the Year Award in 2010. Even in retirement, she continues to support students at Midlothian High and mentor other women as educators and leaders.

Ms. Sue Robertson

Mr. Ralph Floyd

After retiring from military service, Mr. Floyd served Chesterfield County as a school bus driver. Throughout his employment with the school division, he strongly believed in the mission of feeding the hungry and ending hunger in Chesterfield County, so he volunteered his time at the Chesterfield Food Bank (CFB). Now retired, Mr. Floyd continues to serve as a volunteer helping to supply thousands of meals to children and their families who are food insecure during the summer months. Through his partnership, the Chesterfield Food Bank has expanded opportunities for Chesterfield County Public Schools’ families.

Superintendent's All-County Team

High school students from throughout Chesterfield County Public Schools were honored Nov. 28 in the first ever Superintendent’s All-County Awards Celebration, which will be held quarterly. 

  • About 100 students were named to all-county teams, and another 100 received honorable mentions.
  • One student was selected Player of the Year in each of these areas: competition cheer, girls volleyball, boys volleyball, girls cross country, boys cross country, marching band, field hockey, golf, football defense and football offense.
  • A Coach/Director of the Year was also recognized in each area.

Carver College and Career Academy

  • Trey Roney – Boys Cross Country

Clover Hill High School

  • Josh Taylor – Boys Cross Country
  • Michael Wilson – Boys Golf
  • Brayden Berardo – Boys Volleyball
  • Mikalah Lynch – Competition Cheer
  • Tessa Iorio – Field Hockey
  • Elden Holmes – Football – Defense
  • Shawn Douglas – Football – Offense
  • Abby Ellis Girls – Cross Country
  • Isabella Carter – Girls Volleyball
  • Maddox Bruce – Marching Band

Cosby High School

  • Landon Weaver – Boys Cross Country
  • Cole Shingleton – Boys Golf
  • Dylan Slater – Boys Volleyball
  • Jocelyn Drouin – Competition Cheer
  • Mariah Paulus – Field Hockey
  • Keyshawn Claiborne – Football – Defense
  • Nazir Coley – Football – Offense
  • Kirsten Morley Girls – Cross Country
  • Megan Thompson – Girls Volleyball
  • Isaac Markow – Marching Band

James River High School

  • Quinn Parrish Boys – Cross Country
  • Will Boswell – Boys Golf
  • Tyler Alexander – Boys Volleyball
  • Kylee Richards – Competition Cheer
  • Ryan Druhot – Field Hockey
  • Owen Riley – Football – Defense
  • Nelson Layne – Football – Offense
  • Lily Grace Hester – Girls Cross Country
  • Hillary Mills – Girls Volleyball
  • Drew Gilliam – Marching Band

L.C. Bird High School

  • Nick Tassel – Boys Cross Country
  • William Fitz-Hugh – Boys Golf
  • Will Waid – Boys Volleyball
  • Parah Shaw – Competition Cheer
  • Isabel Lee – Field Hockey
  • Xavier Carpenter – Football – Defense
  • Alvin Townes Fox – Football – Offense
  • Brianna Comer – Girls Cross Country
  • Amaya Scott – Girls Volleyball
  • Julianna Cass – Marching Band

Manchester High School

  • Trevor Williams – Boys Cross Country
  • Ivan Chan – Boys Golf
  • Jacob Couch – Boys Volleyball
  • Rokell Johnson – Competition Cheer
  • Ellie Nuckols – Field Hockey
  • Makai Byerson – Football – Defense
  • Kenny Walz – Football – Offense
  • Jenna Nolen – Girls Cross Country
  • Catori Crawford – Girls Volleyball
  • Michael Nixon – Marching Band

Matoaca High School

  • Peyton Jones – Boys Golf
  • Pierce Butler – Boys Volleyball
  • Hope Cree – Field Hockey
  • Gavin Hall – Football – Defense
  • Bryce Yates – Football – Offense
  • Mary Mansfield – Girls Cross Country
  • Ryleigh Morgan – Girls Volleyball
  • Madison Zingraff – Marching Band

Meadowbrook High School

  • Christopher Austin – Boys Cross Country
  • Harsh Patel – Boys Golf
  • Elijah Nicholas – Football – Defense
  • Shavar Smith – Football – Offense
  • Jasmine Rhoades – Girls Cross Country
  • Makya Jackson – Girls Volleyball
  • Orren Gordon – Marching Band

Midlothian High School

  • Christopher Mierchuk – Boys Cross Country
  • Joseph Weinstein – Boys Golf
  • Collin Johnson – Boys Volleyball
  • Dory Sturtz – Competition Cheer
  • Josie Painter – Field Hockey
  • Gabriel Semidey – Football – Defense
  • Ashby Berry – Football – Offense
  • Kylie Bonser – Girls Cross Country
  • Tatum Evans – Girls Volleyball
  • Kate Tabor – Marching Band

Monacan High School

  • Carter Davis – Boys Cross Country
  • Talon Dingledine – Boys Golf
  • Reid Ivy – Boys Volleyball
  • Riley McCabe – Competition Cheer
  • Reagan Grant – Field Hockey
  • Daniel Johnson – Football – Defense
  • Raymond Bagby – Football – Offense
  • Madeline Montgomery – Girls Cross Country
  • Isabella Kvetensky – Girls Volleyball
  • Matthew Hafdelin – Marching Band

Thomas Dale High School

  • Elijah Decker – Boys Cross Country
  • Tucker Brown – Boys Volleyball
  • Devyn Parham – Competition Cheer
  • Kalin D’Reaux-Rodgers – Field Hockey
  • Brandan Cammarasana – Football – Defense
  • Ethan Minter – Football – Offense
  • Jessica Blackmon – Girls Cross Country
  • Gabrielle Wyatt – Girls Volleyball
  • Brayden Gilbert – Marching Band

Clover Hill High School

  • Mikalah Lynch – Competition Cheer
  • Isabella Carter – Girls Volleyball

Cosby High School

  • Dylan Slater – Boys Volleyball

James River High School

  • Quinn Parrish – Boys Cross Country
  • Lily Grace Hester – Girls Cross Country

L.C. Bird High School

  • Julianna Cass – Marching Band

Manchester High School

  • Makai Byerson – Football – Defense

Monacan High School

  • Reagan Grant – Field Hockey
  • Talon Dingledine – Golf

Thomas Dale High School

  • Ethan Minter – Football – Offense

Clover Hill High School

  • Jim Wahrman – Boys Cross Country

Cosby High School

  • Sarah Kirwan – Competition Cheer

James River High School

  • Jeff Raskind – Girls Cross Country

Manchester High School

  • Chris Fens – Marching Band

Midlothian High School

  • Rebecca Lowe – Field Hockey
  • Sherman Chung – Girls Volleyball

Monacan High School

  • Scott Thackston – Golf

Thomas Dale High School

  • Josh Forbes – Boys Volleyball

Clover Hill High School

  • Andrew Bennett – Boys Cross Country
  • Clinton Clancy – Boys Cross Country
  • Ethan Thorne – Boys Cross Country
  • Bryce Matthews – Boys Volleyball
  • Ibrahim Khalid – Boys Volleyball
  • Dasani Mendoza – Competition Cheer
  • Ryan Ward – Competition Cheer
  • Hannah Neely – Field Hockey
  • Jackson Drewry – Football
  • Jackson Skarie – Football
  • Jayden Anderson – Football
  • Justin Jones – Football
  • Latrell Green – Football
  • Sean Henry McCray – Football
  • Taylor Bupp – Girls Cross Country
  • Jennifer Kruger – Girls Volleyball
  • Sophia Carter – Girls Volleyball

Cosby High School

  • Alexander Schuckert – Boys Cross Country
  • Isaac Oden – Boys Volleyball
  • Amber Hayes – Competition Cheer
  • Zoe Barker – Field Hockey
  • Landon Snyder – Football
  • Ryan Bickel – Football
  • Caroline Kuhn – Girls Cross Country
  • Peyton Graff – Girls Volleyball
  • Sean Acree – Golf
  • Jacob Jennings – Marching Band

James River High School

  • Wesley Dejarnette – Boys Cross Country
  • Zachary Stevens – Boys Cross Country
  • Conor Gibbons – Boys Volleyball
  • Turner Landrum – Boys Volleyball
  • William Bickett – Boys Volleyball
  • Kendall Nichols – Competition Cheer
  • Noelle Schleider – Competition Cheer
  • Katherine McCann – Field Hockey
  • Clayton Dobler – Football
  • Antoinette Haines – Girls Cross Country
  • Avery Knight – Girls Cross Country
  • Elizabeth Benton – Girls Volleyball
  • Ireland Wolfe – Girls Volleyball
  • Taylor Grumiaux – Girls Volleyball
  • Brooks Sheppard – Golf
  • Maren Bredbenner – Marching Band
  • Martha Doyle – Marching Band

L.C. Bird High School

  • Blake Nause – Boys Volleyball
  • Crevante Beasley – Boys Volleyball
  • Chizitara Njoku – Competition Cheer
  • Deleir Poteat – Competition Cheer
  • Janiyah Goode – Competition Cheer
  • Amari Wilson – Field Hockey
  • Charis Landis – Field Hockey
  • Kaitlyn Newman – Field Hockey
  • Ibraheem Ramadan – Football
  • Jashaun Amin – Football
  • Liam James – Football
  • Na’Tayah Carpenter – Girls Volleyball
  • Braydon Fields – Golf
  • Ethan Kelley – Golf
  • Hudson Krapf – Marching Band
  • Zachary Zatkulak – Marching Band

Manchester High School

  • Shane Krausse – Boys Cross Country
  • Haden Dunnavant – Boys Volleyball
  • Aubree Payne – Competition Cheer
  • Landri Dehaven – Competition Cheer
  • Cadence Mann – Field Hockey
  • Devin Bryant – Football
  • James Howard – Football
  • Jon Davis – Football
  • Kyree Richardson – Football
  • Brooke Nolen – Girls Cross Country
  • Kennedy Hembrick – Girls Volleyball
  • Niki Chan – Golf
  • Alexa Navarro – Marching Band
  • Anthony Skala – Marching Band
  • Devin George – Marching Band

Matoaca High School

  • Caleb Cooper – Boys Volleyball
  • Jack Polino – Boys Volleyball
  • Tim Uzochukwu – Boys Volleyball
  • Brianna Montalvo – Field Hockey
  • Brandon Lewis – Football
  • Caleb Williams – Football
  • Dillon Newton Short – Football
  • Ryley Justus – Football
  • Mia Neal – Girls Volleyball
  • Jonathan Gates – Golf

Meadowbrook High School

  • Josue Calderon Picado – Boys Cross Country
  • Ross Raqui – Boys Cross Country
  • Corey Bingham – Football
  • Elijah Lane – Football
  • Genesis Servellon Chavez – Girls Volleyball
  • Osmardo Del Cid Teo – Marching Band

Midlothian High School

  • William Hodge – Boys Cross Country
  • Ava Dames-Siegel – Competition Cheer
  • Camden Wood – Competition Cheer
  • Caroline Nelson – Competition Cheer
  • Andrew Perko – Football
  • Avery Heleniak – Football
  • Cameron Penn – Football
  • Cooper Meads – Football
  • Makhi Jackson – Football
  • Maxx Lawton – Football
  • Megan Lamberson – Girls Cross Country
  • Reagan McAdams – Girls Volleyball
  • Jacob Williams – Marching Band
  • Taj Davis – Marching Band

Monacan High School

  • Rylan Brocato – Boys Cross Country
  • Stefan Kapitanov – Boys Volleyball
  • Reagan Elmore – Competition Cheer
  • Camden Richardson – Football
  • D’Ivory Jenkins – Football
  • Shannon Wells – Football
  • Turner Johnson – Football
  • Mary Brown – Girls Cross Country
  • Cooper Dillman – Golf
  • Ka’eo Martin – Marching Band
  • Sam Aldridge – Marching Band

Thomas Dale High School

  • Omar Lazo – Boys Cross Country
  • Wesley Graves – Boys Volleyball
  • Lillianne McMinn – Competition Cheer
  • Hannah Cimbal – Field Hockey
  • Aiden Jones – Football
  • Brandon Rose – Football
  • Carmon Milazzo – Football
  • Josh Jeter – Football
  • Nicholas Tyree – Football
  • Stephon Hicks – Football
  • Madeline Sawyer – Girls Cross Country
  • Chloe Bowers – Girls Volleyball
  • Legaci Taylor – Girls Volleyball
  • Alanys Mercado Alonzo – Marching Band
  • James Ridout – Marching Band

Write Now

Artwork, poetry, fiction and nonfiction created by students in grades 6-12 join together in our digital literary magazine, Write Now! Three editions are available online, allowing people across the world to enjoy the work of Chesterfield County Public Schools students.

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