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The Chesterfield County School Board recognizes additional student and staff achievements at their monthly board meetings, and you can read about more accomplishments in CCPS on the Go, the printed newsletter that goes to every household in Chesterfield County.

Meet the Teachers of the Year

Picture of Kate Doctor

Kate Doctor

Chesterfield County Teacher of the Year
High School Teacher of the Year

In the Health Professions and Therapies Specialty Center at Monacan High, Kate Doctor teaches sports medicine, exercise science and introduction to health and medical science. She discovered her passion for education while working as a certified athletic trainer and has taught in Chesterfield County Public Schools since 2005.

Monacan High Principal William Broyles praised Doctor’s ability to motivate students by connecting real-world experiences with classroom instruction: “The encouragement and energy Ms. Doctor puts forth in working through difficult scientific material is unmistakable. … [And] she will draw on a wealth of professional connections to develop seminars and utilize guest presenters. Her work doesn’t stop in the academic classroom either as she is dedicated to working with her students in the HOSA [Future Health Professionals] co-curricular program at the school, state, and national levels. … Her work with the HOSA students … develops leaders who are confident in their knowledge, ability to present, and lead.”

A Midlothian High School graduate, Doctor earned a bachelor’s degree in athletic training from East Carolina University and a bachelor’s degree in education from Virginia Commonwealth University. In her Teacher of the Year essay, Doctor wrote that she seeks to provide opportunities for learning beyond the classroom: “It is now a rite of passage in our specialty center program for students that take my sports medicine classes to work home football games. They all know that they will get the chance to shadow our school’s certified athletic trainer, help set up and breakdown equipment for the game, experience pregame preparations like taping, treatments, and rehab for athletes, and run water bottles out onto the field during timeouts. They … also experience the thrill of being on the sidelines and in the middle of all of the action, a privilege most students will never have.”

Chesterfield County Public Schools Teacher of the Year is not the only 2023 award Doctor has won. She was recently selected as Athletic Training Educator of the Year by the Virginia Athletic Trainers’ Association — the first time the award has gone to a secondary school educator.

Maureen Capel

Elementary School Teacher of the Year

Maureen Capel grew up in Chesterfield County and graduated from Bird High School. After earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University, she began teaching in Chesterfield County Public Schools in 2006. Since 2017, she has taught first grade at Wells Elementary.

She wrote of her teaching philosophy in her Teacher of the Year essay: “I truly ascribe to the belief that learning flows naturally once a student senses he/she is in a place of acceptance, love, belonging and security. Every single morning for the first fifteen to twenty minutes, we begin our day in the same manner with a Morning Meeting … to demonstrate to our class that we are a classroom family and there’s nothing more important than starting our day together as a community. It is the single most impactful part of our day, as it sets the tone for all other activities.”

Picture of Emily Skipper

Emily Skipper

Middle School Teacher of the Year

Emily Skipper also grew up in Chesterfield County and graduated from Bird High School. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Longwood University and her master’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. She began her teaching career in 2017 at Providence Middle, where she teaches seventh grade math.

In her Teacher of the Year essay, she detailed her commitment to meeting students’ social and emotional needs as well as academic needs: “I aim to meet students where they are and have them not just master the curriculum, but grow in their understanding and confidence in math. … Each year I aim to adapt to the variety of needs in my classroom academically, socially, and emotionally. I am not afraid to incorporate new ideas or activities to stay clear of a static classroom. … As I have gained experience teaching, I have found it is important to not think there is a one size fits all model for all students and classes.”

Teachers of the Year

Elementary Schools

  • Bellwood Elementary: Mike Dunn
  • Bensley Elementary: Shayna White
  • Beulah Elementary: Alyssa Taylor
  • Bon Air Elementary: Stephanie Knost
  • Chalkley Elementary: Carrie Evers
  • Chester Early Childhood Learning Academy: Cheryl Kashmer
  • Marguerite Christian Elementary: Tenai Bullock
  • Clover Hill Elementary: Candice January
  • Crenshaw Elementary: Robyn Will
  • Crestwood Elementary: Dylan Pearman-Hurt
  • Curtis Elementary: Emily Wolfe
  • Davis Elementary: Katharine Price
  • Ecoff Elementary: Melissa Miles
  • Enon Elementary: Catherine Kotalo
  • Ettrick Elementary: Megan Parrish
  • Evergreen Elementary: Jennifer Ziegler
  • Falling Creek Elementary: Brianna Branch
  • Gates Elementary: Lisa Holt
  • Gordon Elementary: Cheryl Seaton
  • Grange Hall Elementary: Corinne Begg
  • Greenfield Elementary: Elizabeth Bryant
  • Harrowgate Elementary: Fred Klevinsky
  • Hening Elementary: Shannon McBryde
  • Hopkins Elementary: Brooke Pega
  • Jacobs Road Elementary: Noreen Ingram
  • Matoaca Elementary: Christine Harrold
  • Moseley Elementary: Emily Spangler
  • Old Hundred Elementary: Adrienne Haskins
  • Providence Elementary: Angela Ramey
  • Reams Road Elementary: Pamela Brown
  • Robious Elementary: Kayleen Lawrence
  • Salem Church Elementary: Dana Loy-Anderson
  • Elizabeth Scott Elementary: Erin Mallory
  • Alberta Smith Elementary: Liz Cruz
  • Spring Run Elementary: Kathryn Bott
  • Swift Creek Elementary: Mary Davison
  • Watkins Elementary: Glenda MacNeil
  • Bettie Weaver Elementary: Shannon Magne
  • Wells Elementary: Maureen Capel
  • Winterpock Elementary: Leigh Ann Pruitt
  • Woolridge Elementary: Brittany Read

Middle Schools

  • Bailey Bridge Middle: Laura Davenport
  • Carver Middle: Stephanye Jackson
  • Elizabeth Davis Middle: Synthia Atkinson
  • Falling Creek Middle: Eboni Brown
  • Manchester Middle: Tiffany Newbill
  • Matoaca Middle: Stephanie Burton
  • Midlothian Middle: Lauren Kern
  • Providence Middle: Emily Skipper
  • Robious Middle: Brian Lukanich
  • Salem Church Middle: David Stewart
  • Swift Creek Middle: Suzanne Buckley
  • Tomahawk Creek Middle: Olivia Slagle

High Schools

  • Bird High: Kara Boltz
  • Career and Technical Center @ Courthouse: Stevette Carter
  • Career and Technical Center @ Hull: Colleen Coleman
  • Carver College and Career Academy: Jennifer Gunderson
  • Chesterfield Detention Center: Gary Haney
  • Clover Hill High: Mary “Pat” Kretzer
  • Cosby High: Mark Holland
  • Thomas Dale High: Justice Thompson
  • James River High: Cornell Core
  • Manchester High: Chad Long
  • Matoaca High: Rachel Heideman
  • Meadowbrook High: Georgina Street
  • Midlothian High: Daniel Abell
  • Monacan High: Kate Doctor

Virtual Schools

  • CCPSOnline: Aimee West
  • Chesterfield Virtual School: Heather Cox

Game Changers

Game Changers are those who step up to meet the needs of our students; offer support and access to resources that assist their colleagues; provide an extra layer of support for families outside of the classroom; and who generally make a positive and sometimes life-changing difference in the lives of our students, families and their colleagues.

Each month, Superintendent Merv Daugherty chooses four staff members from each magisterial district to be recognized for outstanding service. One central office member will be recognized monthly as well. Anyone can nominate employees for the Game Changer award.

Below are our most recent Game Changers:

February 2023 Game Changer Awards

  • David Ickes, L.C. Bird HS, SRO
  • Nancy Ellena, O.B. Gates ES, Office Secretary
  • Diana Rios, Beulah ES, Assistant Principal
  • Sydney Hague, Hopkins ES, Elementary Teacher
  • Emmanuel Pulgarin Caviativa, Hopkins ES, 5th grade
  • Kimberly Sanchez-Santos, Hopkins ES, 5th grade
  • Virgnia Eacho, Falling Creek MS School, Psychologist
  • Regine Pittman, Hening ES, Elementary Teacher
  • Allison Whitley, Tomahawk Creek MS, Secondary Teacher
  • Mary Helen King, Swift Creek MS, Special Education Teacher
  • Patrice Pryor, Providence ES, Day Porter
  • Michael Moore, Monacan HS, Secondary Teacher
  • Jasmine Jackson, Monacan HS, 12th grade
  • Josiah Marinobl, e Monacan HS, 12th grade
  • Claire Copeland, *2nd timer – May 2021 Gordon ES, School Counselor
  • Rose Holland, Reams Road ES, Elementary Teacher
  • Jahmeir Braxton, Providence MS, 6th grade
  • Christeena Claiborne, *2nd timer – Jan 2021, Providence MS, School Counselor
  • Jaime Helverson Midlothian MS Secondary Teacher
  • Toni Kilpatrick, Robious MS, Associate Principal
  • Morgan Saxby, Robious ES, Elementary Teacher
  • Neymar Cuxun Xitumul, Crestwood ES, 4th grade
  • Susan Rowe, Bettie Weaver ES, Librarian
  • Kaitlyn Gunn, Old Hundred ES, Elementary Teacher
  • Hilliary Harrison, Carver College & Career Academy, Secondary Teacher
  • Kristin Tait, Ecoff ES, Principal
  • Channing Wagner, Ecoff ES, Assistant Principal
  • Carlie Jansen, Wells ES, School Counselor
  • Rachael Early, CECLA, Instructional Designer
  • Kaneck Godoy, Curtis ES, 5th grade
  • Valerie Beckner, Bellwood ES, Elementary Teacher
  • Ariel Murkens, Elizabeth Davis MS, Secondary Teacher
  • Stephanie Santos Garcia, Elizabeth Davis MS, 8th grade
  • Reese Gordy, Manchester HS, Secondary Teacher
  • Kaelie Altizer, Manchester HS, School Counselor
  • Elizabeth Holmes, Bailey Bridge MS, ADP Coordinator
  • Ann Mason Bujakowski, Alberta Smith ES, School Counselor
  • Angela Wagner, Cosby HS, Secondary Teacher
  • Dang Nguyen, Cosby HS, 11th grade
  • Courtney Saunders, Grange Hall ES, School Counselor
  • Kavin Koeditz, Matoaca ES, 5th grade
  • Karen Anderson, Central Office, Financial Analyst

Chesterfield County Public Schools Hall of Fame

Chesterfield County Public Schools has benefited from the talents of outstanding teachers, educational and operational support staff, leaders and volunteers over the past 150-plus years. The success of our nationally recognized school division can be attributed to their outstanding contributions to support our teachers and students. Their talent and dedication is ever-present in the outcomes we see today.

2023 Honorees

The new honorees were inducted on March 23 during the Chesterfield County Public Schools Hall of Fame Gala, presented by the Chesterfield Education Foundation in partnership with TowneBank. Proceeds from the Hall of Fame Gala will go to support Conexus for children’s vision.

The school system is built on the talents of outstanding teachers, educational and operational support staff members, leaders and volunteers. Their abilities and dedication are why Chesterfield County Public Schools — the largest school division in central Virginia — is a a nationally recognized, award-winning school system. The Hall of Fame, which inducted its first honorees in 2021, was established to recognize their lasting impact.

The Hall of Fame of Chesterfield County Public Schools inducted seven new members on March 23, in recognition of their outstanding accomplishments in support of students and schools. Short videos highlight each honoree’s career:

*Read their full Biographies here

The new honorees will join the inaugural inductees from 2021: Jamie Accashian, Dr. Jane Baskerville, Dr. Billy Cannaday, Greg Cummings, Ralph Floyd, Betty Hornick, Deloris Jackson, Sue Robertson, Dianne Smith, Louan Stanfield and Jack Winn.

Nominations are open for the next round of Hall of Fame inductees. Use this form to nominate retired teachers, educational and operational support staff members, leaders and volunteers who helped make Chesterfield County Public Schools a nationally recognized, award-winning school system.

Superintendent's All-County Team

High school students from throughout Chesterfield County Public Schools were honored Nov. 28 in the first ever Superintendent’s All-County Awards Celebration, which will be held quarterly. 

  • About 100 students were named to all-county teams, and another 100 received honorable mentions.
  • One student was selected Player of the Year in each of these areas: competition cheer, girls volleyball, boys volleyball, girls cross country, boys cross country, marching band, field hockey, golf, football defense and football offense.
  • A Coach/Director of the Year was also recognized in each area.

Carver College and Career Academy

  • Trey Roney – Boys Cross Country

Clover Hill High School

  • Josh Taylor – Boys Cross Country
  • Michael Wilson – Boys Golf
  • Brayden Berardo – Boys Volleyball
  • Mikalah Lynch – Competition Cheer
  • Tessa Iorio – Field Hockey
  • Elden Holmes – Football – Defense
  • Shawn Douglas – Football – Offense
  • Abby Ellis Girls – Cross Country
  • Isabella Carter – Girls Volleyball
  • Maddox Bruce – Marching Band

Cosby High School

  • Landon Weaver – Boys Cross Country
  • Cole Shingleton – Boys Golf
  • Dylan Slater – Boys Volleyball
  • Jocelyn Drouin – Competition Cheer
  • Mariah Paulus – Field Hockey
  • Keyshawn Claiborne – Football – Defense
  • Nazir Coley – Football – Offense
  • Kirsten Morley Girls – Cross Country
  • Megan Thompson – Girls Volleyball
  • Isaac Markow – Marching Band

James River High School

  • Quinn Parrish Boys – Cross Country
  • Will Boswell – Boys Golf
  • Tyler Alexander – Boys Volleyball
  • Kylee Richards – Competition Cheer
  • Ryan Druhot – Field Hockey
  • Owen Riley – Football – Defense
  • Nelson Layne – Football – Offense
  • Lily Grace Hester – Girls Cross Country
  • Hillary Mills – Girls Volleyball
  • Drew Gilliam – Marching Band

L.C. Bird High School

  • Nick Tassel – Boys Cross Country
  • William Fitz-Hugh – Boys Golf
  • Will Waid – Boys Volleyball
  • Parah Shaw – Competition Cheer
  • Isabel Lee – Field Hockey
  • Xavier Carpenter – Football – Defense
  • Alvin Townes Fox – Football – Offense
  • Brianna Comer – Girls Cross Country
  • Amaya Scott – Girls Volleyball
  • Julianna Cass – Marching Band

Manchester High School

  • Trevor Williams – Boys Cross Country
  • Ivan Chan – Boys Golf
  • Jacob Couch – Boys Volleyball
  • Rokell Johnson – Competition Cheer
  • Ellie Nuckols – Field Hockey
  • Makai Byerson – Football – Defense
  • Kenny Walz – Football – Offense
  • Jenna Nolen – Girls Cross Country
  • Catori Crawford – Girls Volleyball
  • Michael Nixon – Marching Band

Matoaca High School

  • Peyton Jones – Boys Golf
  • Pierce Butler – Boys Volleyball
  • Hope Cree – Field Hockey
  • Gavin Hall – Football – Defense
  • Bryce Yates – Football – Offense
  • Mary Mansfield – Girls Cross Country
  • Ryleigh Morgan – Girls Volleyball
  • Madison Zingraff – Marching Band

Meadowbrook High School

  • Christopher Austin – Boys Cross Country
  • Harsh Patel – Boys Golf
  • Elijah Nicholas – Football – Defense
  • Shavar Smith – Football – Offense
  • Jasmine Rhoades – Girls Cross Country
  • Makya Jackson – Girls Volleyball
  • Orren Gordon – Marching Band

Midlothian High School

  • Christopher Mierchuk – Boys Cross Country
  • Joseph Weinstein – Boys Golf
  • Collin Johnson – Boys Volleyball
  • Dory Sturtz – Competition Cheer
  • Josie Painter – Field Hockey
  • Gabriel Semidey – Football – Defense
  • Ashby Berry – Football – Offense
  • Kylie Bonser – Girls Cross Country
  • Tatum Evans – Girls Volleyball
  • Kate Tabor – Marching Band

Monacan High School

  • Carter Davis – Boys Cross Country
  • Talon Dingledine – Boys Golf
  • Reid Ivy – Boys Volleyball
  • Riley McCabe – Competition Cheer
  • Reagan Grant – Field Hockey
  • Daniel Johnson – Football – Defense
  • Raymond Bagby – Football – Offense
  • Madeline Montgomery – Girls Cross Country
  • Isabella Kvetensky – Girls Volleyball
  • Matthew Hafdelin – Marching Band

Thomas Dale High School

  • Elijah Decker – Boys Cross Country
  • Tucker Brown – Boys Volleyball
  • Devyn Parham – Competition Cheer
  • Kalin D’Reaux-Rodgers – Field Hockey
  • Brandan Cammarasana – Football – Defense
  • Ethan Minter – Football – Offense
  • Jessica Blackmon – Girls Cross Country
  • Gabrielle Wyatt – Girls Volleyball
  • Brayden Gilbert – Marching Band

Clover Hill High School

  • Mikalah Lynch – Competition Cheer
  • Isabella Carter – Girls Volleyball

Cosby High School

  • Dylan Slater – Boys Volleyball

James River High School

  • Quinn Parrish – Boys Cross Country
  • Lily Grace Hester – Girls Cross Country

L.C. Bird High School

  • Julianna Cass – Marching Band

Manchester High School

  • Makai Byerson – Football – Defense

Monacan High School

  • Reagan Grant – Field Hockey
  • Talon Dingledine – Golf

Thomas Dale High School

  • Ethan Minter – Football – Offense

Clover Hill High School

  • Jim Wahrman – Boys Cross Country

Cosby High School

  • Sarah Kirwan – Competition Cheer

James River High School

  • Jeff Raskind – Girls Cross Country

Manchester High School

  • Chris Fens – Marching Band

Midlothian High School

  • Rebecca Lowe – Field Hockey
  • Sherman Chung – Girls Volleyball

Monacan High School

  • Scott Thackston – Golf

Thomas Dale High School

  • Josh Forbes – Boys Volleyball

Clover Hill High School

  • Andrew Bennett – Boys Cross Country
  • Clinton Clancy – Boys Cross Country
  • Ethan Thorne – Boys Cross Country
  • Bryce Matthews – Boys Volleyball
  • Ibrahim Khalid – Boys Volleyball
  • Dasani Mendoza – Competition Cheer
  • Ryan Ward – Competition Cheer
  • Hannah Neely – Field Hockey
  • Jackson Drewry – Football
  • Jackson Skarie – Football
  • Jayden Anderson – Football
  • Justin Jones – Football
  • Latrell Green – Football
  • Sean Henry McCray – Football
  • Taylor Bupp – Girls Cross Country
  • Jennifer Kruger – Girls Volleyball
  • Sophia Carter – Girls Volleyball

Cosby High School

  • Alexander Schuckert – Boys Cross Country
  • Isaac Oden – Boys Volleyball
  • Amber Hayes – Competition Cheer
  • Zoe Barker – Field Hockey
  • Landon Snyder – Football
  • Ryan Bickel – Football
  • Caroline Kuhn – Girls Cross Country
  • Peyton Graff – Girls Volleyball
  • Sean Acree – Golf
  • Jacob Jennings – Marching Band

James River High School

  • Wesley Dejarnette – Boys Cross Country
  • Zachary Stevens – Boys Cross Country
  • Conor Gibbons – Boys Volleyball
  • Turner Landrum – Boys Volleyball
  • William Bickett – Boys Volleyball
  • Kendall Nichols – Competition Cheer
  • Noelle Schleider – Competition Cheer
  • Katherine McCann – Field Hockey
  • Clayton Dobler – Football
  • Antoinette Haines – Girls Cross Country
  • Avery Knight – Girls Cross Country
  • Elizabeth Benton – Girls Volleyball
  • Ireland Wolfe – Girls Volleyball
  • Taylor Grumiaux – Girls Volleyball
  • Brooks Sheppard – Golf
  • Maren Bredbenner – Marching Band
  • Martha Doyle – Marching Band

L.C. Bird High School

  • Blake Nause – Boys Volleyball
  • Crevante Beasley – Boys Volleyball
  • Chizitara Njoku – Competition Cheer
  • Deleir Poteat – Competition Cheer
  • Janiyah Goode – Competition Cheer
  • Amari Wilson – Field Hockey
  • Charis Landis – Field Hockey
  • Kaitlyn Newman – Field Hockey
  • Ibraheem Ramadan – Football
  • Jashaun Amin – Football
  • Liam James – Football
  • Na’Tayah Carpenter – Girls Volleyball
  • Braydon Fields – Golf
  • Ethan Kelley – Golf
  • Hudson Krapf – Marching Band
  • Zachary Zatkulak – Marching Band

Manchester High School

  • Shane Krausse – Boys Cross Country
  • Haden Dunnavant – Boys Volleyball
  • Aubree Payne – Competition Cheer
  • Landri Dehaven – Competition Cheer
  • Cadence Mann – Field Hockey
  • Devin Bryant – Football
  • James Howard – Football
  • Jon Davis – Football
  • Kyree Richardson – Football
  • Brooke Nolen – Girls Cross Country
  • Kennedy Hembrick – Girls Volleyball
  • Niki Chan – Golf
  • Alexa Navarro – Marching Band
  • Anthony Skala – Marching Band
  • Devin George – Marching Band

Matoaca High School

  • Caleb Cooper – Boys Volleyball
  • Jack Polino – Boys Volleyball
  • Tim Uzochukwu – Boys Volleyball
  • Brianna Montalvo – Field Hockey
  • Brandon Lewis – Football
  • Caleb Williams – Football
  • Dillon Newton Short – Football
  • Ryley Justus – Football
  • Mia Neal – Girls Volleyball
  • Jonathan Gates – Golf

Meadowbrook High School

  • Josue Calderon Picado – Boys Cross Country
  • Ross Raqui – Boys Cross Country
  • Corey Bingham – Football
  • Elijah Lane – Football
  • Genesis Servellon Chavez – Girls Volleyball
  • Osmardo Del Cid Teo – Marching Band

Midlothian High School

  • William Hodge – Boys Cross Country
  • Ava Dames-Siegel – Competition Cheer
  • Camden Wood – Competition Cheer
  • Caroline Nelson – Competition Cheer
  • Andrew Perko – Football
  • Avery Heleniak – Football
  • Cameron Penn – Football
  • Cooper Meads – Football
  • Makhi Jackson – Football
  • Maxx Lawton – Football
  • Megan Lamberson – Girls Cross Country
  • Reagan McAdams – Girls Volleyball
  • Jacob Williams – Marching Band
  • Taj Davis – Marching Band

Monacan High School

  • Rylan Brocato – Boys Cross Country
  • Stefan Kapitanov – Boys Volleyball
  • Reagan Elmore – Competition Cheer
  • Camden Richardson – Football
  • D’Ivory Jenkins – Football
  • Shannon Wells – Football
  • Turner Johnson – Football
  • Mary Brown – Girls Cross Country
  • Cooper Dillman – Golf
  • Ka’eo Martin – Marching Band
  • Sam Aldridge – Marching Band

Thomas Dale High School

  • Omar Lazo – Boys Cross Country
  • Wesley Graves – Boys Volleyball
  • Lillianne McMinn – Competition Cheer
  • Hannah Cimbal – Field Hockey
  • Aiden Jones – Football
  • Brandon Rose – Football
  • Carmon Milazzo – Football
  • Josh Jeter – Football
  • Nicholas Tyree – Football
  • Stephon Hicks – Football
  • Madeline Sawyer – Girls Cross Country
  • Chloe Bowers – Girls Volleyball
  • Legaci Taylor – Girls Volleyball
  • Alanys Mercado Alonzo – Marching Band
  • James Ridout – Marching Band

Write Now

Artwork, poetry, fiction and nonfiction created by students in grades 6-12 join together in our digital literary magazine, Write Now! Three editions are available online, allowing people across the world to enjoy the work of Chesterfield County Public Schools students.